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{January 25, 2013}   Why I Love Fantasy

Why I Love Fantasy.


An extremely impressive, in-depth look at what makes fantasy such a compelling genre, and why it is just as respectable a genre as any other. Cheers to fantasy! 🙂


{May 13, 2010}   End of semester thoughts

So obviously I completely forgot about this project during the second half of the semester, not going to lie about that one.  But I still enjoyed the assignment when I did remember.

Analyzing web design is not the easiest thing in the world, and at times I feel I could have gone more in-depth with my criticisms.  Even so, I feel a critique of a website should be of benefit to every-day web viewers.  Getting too technical just makes it too complicated, I’d rather stay basic and easy-to-understand.  To me critiquing web design is almost natural, so I want everyone to know where I’m coming from and what I’m talking about.  Overall, it was a fun experience, especially since now I mental critique every site I visit!

{May 13, 2010}   Simple and Beautiful

The gallery and website of Andrew Bosley is a great design for some magnificent artwork.  A basic and very useful menu is easy to find and navigate.  Aside from the one “coming soon” links page, everything works perfectly.  The gallery is set up very well fro easy viewing and selecting.  And I LOVE the brainstormer! There’s really not much to say about the site’s design because it is so basic, but the simplicity is it’s greatest strength.  Wonderful site!

{May 13, 2010}   The Plain of Suck!

Well after one comic page review you know I couldn’t resist going over Looking for Group!  I have to say since I’ve been working with this site reading the comic for so long, the design of this page doesn’t bother me in the least, but for most I’m sure it will be some kind of disaster.  It’s pretty packed with images and dark colors which makes it harder to navigate for the reader.  The main page has some oddly placed menus and a blog list on the right which is not expected.  Even with all of the busy-ness of the page, I still like the layout for some reason.  Call me biased because I’ve been reading LFG since it first started I suppose.  The link to the latest comic I do like, although I think for most newcomers it is not easy at all to recognize. (the oval thing on the upper left-hand side) Sometimes it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a jumbled up site. ^_^

I keep track of a few different web comics, but this is one of the most bizarre I’ve come across.  Michael Walton’s “Dual” is a magnificent but very odd story of a man and his childhood imaginary friend who is actually real!  They fuse bodies and fight bad guys while thinking that they themselves are the bad guy, and no is sure if they are right.  But enough about them, the design of this site is just about as crazy.  Although the navigation is reasonably clear, the activity on the page is overwhelming.  The main page is the latest page of the comic, which takes a couple seconds to load.  Also there’s a tutorial which appears to help navigate the comic itself.  However the tutorial comes up every time you visit, which for someone who reads it constantly is a bit of a pain.   And I still haven’t figured out why, but every time I visit this site it causes my pointer to blink in and out, so half the time I can’t see it.  Once the site is closed it’s fine though.  Hoping to figure out why at some point.  The comic is totally worth a look for everyone, but don’t expect it to be too pretty in ways of design.  They do try, but I think they should stick with drawing and have someone else work with the computer.

You can’t help but aww at the site of the photos on  (forgive the difference in spelling, but I “aww” at cuteness, not “ahh”)  However, awwing gets old after a while if you have to keep scrolling on forever.  The main page of this site is the only page they seemed to decide they needed, which was a mistake.  The links on the left side bar go to other cute sites, latest posts (which are already at the top of the page anyway, that’s useful *insert sarcasm here*), and yearly archives, which apparently haven’t been updated in years and only holad about 5 pictures a  year.  Also there are ads on the page that are very unappealing, with a “lose body fat” illustrated ad right under the main banner.  Obviously this is out of the vreator’s control because of the host they chose, but if it were my site I’d find a new host instead of have those ads right in my viewers’ faces.  Disappointing for such cuteness.

{May 13, 2010}   Who needs a library

Why go driving to a library or bookstore when you can just find actual books online? FullBooks lets you do just that.  A frist glance at this site would tell most web designers that this site is not very well done.  However I feel due to the purpose of the site, this extremely basic design of links-only is all this site needs.  The subtitle of the site in the top left corner tells you simply and exactly what the purpose of the site is, so there is no need for extra text to explain.  The links are organized into first letters of the titles of the books they offer on the site.  Again, the actual title lists are not very sophisticated, but they don’t need to be.  Perhaps they could have been made more appealing instead of the basic blue underlined text, but truly it doesn’t matter. I would have preferred pdf links to the texts instead of all of the text from the book on the actual web page, but I believe that may be copyright problems which makes them do it this way.  Not a big and flashy page for sure, but it certainly gets the job done.

{May 13, 2010}   WEEEEEEEEEEEbooks

WeBooks is a wonderful site dedicated to helping writers get published.  It is a full network of literary agents, readers and writers working to show the world the underground writers into the light.  The layout is very simple but well put together. The basic color scheme and block layout gives for easy navigation on the individual pages.  The large buttons with short descriptions of their purpose to take up some white space, a very good tactic in my opinion.  Although there are multiple fonts, they workd very well and are not excessively used.  You can easily get to where you want to go and submit writing or read others’ writing submissions.  Overall a nice and simple site for a great purpose.

{May 13, 2010}   What a name!

Well the design of what I found out to be a man named Chirag Mehta’s blog is pretty nice aside from navigation.  The “main page” for this site takes you straight to the blog, which doesn’t really have any introduction saying why you should be looking at this blog in the first place.  The navigation bar at the top has an “about” page, but the bar itself blends a bit too much with the background to be too noticeable.  There is also a secondary bar which is much more noticeable, and it is easy to read what ht links are for, with images to draw the eye.  However, these pages once again do not really explain the point of the site itself, the about page is the only page with information on who created this site and why.  I want to know what I’m browsing before I start reading people’s personal posts, thank you.

{May 13, 2010}   A compliment to their name is an intriguing showcase page for an artist named Damjan Stankovic, and unlike Miltos Manetas, this guy’s site is a tribute to his talents.  The obvious focus of the page is the artistic yet useful pieces Damjan has created, with a very nicely timed slideshow sampling four of his selected projects being showcased on the site.  Set up like a resume with contact info and a link to his email at the top right corner of the site, this page is simple to navigate, uses well-chosen colors and fonts, and is overall a simple yet unique web design.

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