Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{May 13, 2010}   Okay, I admit it, I awwd, but then i serioused

You can’t help but aww at the site of the photos on  (forgive the difference in spelling, but I “aww” at cuteness, not “ahh”)  However, awwing gets old after a while if you have to keep scrolling on forever.  The main page of this site is the only page they seemed to decide they needed, which was a mistake.  The links on the left side bar go to other cute sites, latest posts (which are already at the top of the page anyway, that’s useful *insert sarcasm here*), and yearly archives, which apparently haven’t been updated in years and only holad about 5 pictures a  year.  Also there are ads on the page that are very unappealing, with a “lose body fat” illustrated ad right under the main banner.  Obviously this is out of the vreator’s control because of the host they chose, but if it were my site I’d find a new host instead of have those ads right in my viewers’ faces.  Disappointing for such cuteness.


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