Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{May 13, 2010}   Monsters, aliens, but what is this guy?!

I keep track of a few different web comics, but this is one of the most bizarre I’ve come across.  Michael Walton’s “Dual” is a magnificent but very odd story of a man and his childhood imaginary friend who is actually real!  They fuse bodies and fight bad guys while thinking that they themselves are the bad guy, and no is sure if they are right.  But enough about them, the design of this site is just about as crazy.  Although the navigation is reasonably clear, the activity on the page is overwhelming.  The main page is the latest page of the comic, which takes a couple seconds to load.  Also there’s a tutorial which appears to help navigate the comic itself.  However the tutorial comes up every time you visit, which for someone who reads it constantly is a bit of a pain.   And I still haven’t figured out why, but every time I visit this site it causes my pointer to blink in and out, so half the time I can’t see it.  Once the site is closed it’s fine though.  Hoping to figure out why at some point.  The comic is totally worth a look for everyone, but don’t expect it to be too pretty in ways of design.  They do try, but I think they should stick with drawing and have someone else work with the computer.


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