Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{May 13, 2010}   Who needs a library

Why go driving to a library or bookstore when you can just find actual books online? FullBooks lets you do just that.  A frist glance at this site would tell most web designers that this site is not very well done.  However I feel due to the purpose of the site, this extremely basic design of links-only is all this site needs.  The subtitle of the site in the top left corner tells you simply and exactly what the purpose of the site is, so there is no need for extra text to explain.  The links are organized into first letters of the titles of the books they offer on the site.  Again, the actual title lists are not very sophisticated, but they don’t need to be.  Perhaps they could have been made more appealing instead of the basic blue underlined text, but truly it doesn’t matter. I would have preferred pdf links to the texts instead of all of the text from the book on the actual web page, but I believe that may be copyright problems which makes them do it this way.  Not a big and flashy page for sure, but it certainly gets the job done.


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