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{May 13, 2010}   Who needs a library

Why go driving to a library or bookstore when you can just find actual books online? FullBooks lets you do just that.  A frist glance at this site would tell most web designers that this site is not very well done.  However I feel due to the purpose of the site, this extremely basic design of links-only is all this site needs.  The subtitle of the site in the top left corner tells you simply and exactly what the purpose of the site is, so there is no need for extra text to explain.  The links are organized into first letters of the titles of the books they offer on the site.  Again, the actual title lists are not very sophisticated, but they don’t need to be.  Perhaps they could have been made more appealing instead of the basic blue underlined text, but truly it doesn’t matter. I would have preferred pdf links to the texts instead of all of the text from the book on the actual web page, but I believe that may be copyright problems which makes them do it this way.  Not a big and flashy page for sure, but it certainly gets the job done.


{May 13, 2010}   WEEEEEEEEEEEbooks

WeBooks is a wonderful site dedicated to helping writers get published.  It is a full network of literary agents, readers and writers working to show the world the underground writers into the light.  The layout is very simple but well put together. The basic color scheme and block layout gives for easy navigation on the individual pages.  The large buttons with short descriptions of their purpose to take up some white space, a very good tactic in my opinion.  Although there are multiple fonts, they workd very well and are not excessively used.  You can easily get to where you want to go and submit writing or read others’ writing submissions.  Overall a nice and simple site for a great purpose.

{March 11, 2010}   I am disappoint…

I was expecting so much more in the design of the fan site of such a creative man.  The “Official” Fan Site of Guillermo Del Toro, the writer of such great movies as Pan’s Labyrinth and HellBoy II: The Golden Army is such a disappointment to me I almost don’t want to talk about it.  The format is just thrown together, with tons of text and images and image links it is completely overwhelming.   The information posted on the site is promising and up-to-date, but there is so much of it previewed on the main page, you might as well not go to the other links.  Overall just sad, almost as sad as the end of Pan’s Labyrinth.

I had to share this page.  I didn’t even know the extent of the awesome in this page until I got Coin-Operated Boy stuck in my head and I just had to look it up and this is what I found for the Dresden Dolls website!  I will admit it is a difficult site to browse.  It is sometimes practically impossible to find the links one these pages, but if you know their music you wouldn’t have their site any other way.  It is confusing, unique, crazy, and unexpected.  The fact there is no scrolling and very basic links (once you find them) makes it very appealing to the eye and makes it more of a site you want to spend an hour or so just going through, trying to find all the little goodies that you may have missed.

And just for those who don’t know Dresden Dolls, the title is reference to their song “Mrs. O“. (sorry, there’s no music video and all the ones I found were reeeeeeally bad)

So just to clarify to those reading why I have such a large gap and why I’m posting so much right now. ^_^ I posted about 12 posts about a week ago during my break, hit publish and then straight to a new post.  Well the site decided not to actually post them, and I have a lot of catching up to do!  So I am trying to get as much as I can reposted, since I have to retype them all. 😦 But life goes on, and here comes one of my favorite reviews! The site of Cirque De Soleil!

Aside from the fact I love these performances, I absolutely looooove this site.  The main page is my personal favorite spot on this site, but the proceeding pages are also well constructed.  But first, the main page.  The page consists of a simple list to choose your language.  The image, however, is what captures me.  It shows a woman winking at you, with crazy hair dye and gel, and the continents painted all across her face.  And the continents connect to the links on the side for choosing your language.  It also chooses your living region and focuses your page to the showings of Cirque De Soleil in your country.  Once you choose your region you choose your language and you are off to the later pages.  But the eye-catching, intriguing colors and overall tone of this first page is not only fantastic visually, but actually conveys the crazy and unique nature of Cirque De Soleil.  I give this page a two thumbs up! Simply spectacular!

It took me a looooong time to figure out the point of this site at all, aside from the fact it had to do with cars.  Apparently Toyota’s Racing site is meant for people to design paint jobs for their cars.  It’s meant to look like a high-tech site, but it’s very slow, with a loading screen before the site comes up.  It also has NO straight-forward description of the purpose of the site.  The site also twitches if you leave the site and come back to it, which I haven’t figured out why.  It’s a very poor site really, and it’s a shame, because it is a cool concept to be able to style your own car and make it look professional and awesome, but it would be nice if you knew that’s what you could do.  It looks more like a digital art gallery than anything.  Again, another shame in the poor design of a possibly awesome website.

This site caught my eye through youtube and a friend of mine who had downloaded the songs provided by the site.  The Symphony of Science is a magnificent project provided online by John Boswell.  The project consists of creating remixes of music with the narrations of famous scientists and naturalists such as Carl Sagan, David Attenborough, and Stephen Hawking.  The music is free to download and easily accessible on the front page.  Although there is a lot of scrolling on the front page, it has all of the main information needed for the purpose of the site.  It has a simple layout with perfectly chosen background for the purpose of the site; a combination of science and music to unite the opposite ends of the messages passed by science and music.  I love the music from this project and the site for me is easy to navigate and simple to find the songs I am looking for. I love it!

So this lovely formatted site of the day is the main page.  Nice to the eye, but BEWARE!!!! These things always have a catch, like paying for your password, having a certain time period contract, and fees for not posting often enough.  Some no-strings-attached, huh?  It’s a shame really, because they’re web design is very visually appealing.  It is a bit long, the scrolling gets boring on the front page, but it’s very easy to find information from the menu list.  The background color is very neutral so it is not sharp to the eye.  The choice of some of the font colors are pretty bad, like the bright blue, and the big white box with read type that just repeats what is in the regular text.

My hope is that no one falls for the half-decent website and actually joins this site.  But that’s me, just I’m mean.

{February 25, 2010}   Ah the ever-changing world of…

SILLY PUTTY! Ah yes, Silly Putty, the great inedible gum you can play with!  The site for this universally enjoyable substance fits its purpose and clientel so well.  Bright colors and cartoonish links set a fun and exciting mood for the whole site.  The lack of writing on the main page is made up for by small descriptions of the links when your mouse runs over them.

I love the wording used on this sight, such as the title of the main page, “The Home of Higher Silly Putty Learning”.  It makes the viewer very aware that this is a very fun-loving, laid-back company and product.  I almost want to just go out and buy an egg of Silly Putty for myself just to I can feel that happy!

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