Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{May 13, 2010}   What a name!

Well the design of what I found out to be a man named Chirag Mehta’s blog is pretty nice aside from navigation.  The “main page” for this site takes you straight to the blog, which doesn’t really have any introduction saying why you should be looking at this blog in the first place.  The navigation bar at the top has an “about” page, but the bar itself blends a bit too much with the background to be too noticeable.  There is also a secondary bar which is much more noticeable, and it is easy to read what ht links are for, with images to draw the eye.  However, these pages once again do not really explain the point of the site itself, the about page is the only page with information on who created this site and why.  I want to know what I’m browsing before I start reading people’s personal posts, thank you.


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