Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{March 11, 2010}   Oh, Mrs. O, can you tell us, where the naughty li-inks go?

I had to share this page.  I didn’t even know the extent of the awesome in this page until I got Coin-Operated Boy stuck in my head and I just had to look it up and this is what I found for the Dresden Dolls website!  I will admit it is a difficult site to browse.  It is sometimes practically impossible to find the links one these pages, but if you know their music you wouldn’t have their site any other way.  It is confusing, unique, crazy, and unexpected.  The fact there is no scrolling and very basic links (once you find them) makes it very appealing to the eye and makes it more of a site you want to spend an hour or so just going through, trying to find all the little goodies that you may have missed.

And just for those who don’t know Dresden Dolls, the title is reference to their song “Mrs. O“. (sorry, there’s no music video and all the ones I found were reeeeeeally bad)


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