Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{March 11, 2010}   CHANGE!!! YOU GOT CHANGE?!?!

Come on, help Chester A. Bum out guys!  Yes, yes, I am going to officially review the king of inline reviews, That Guy with the Glasses.  Now I am NOT reviewing the Guy himself, Doug Walker, but I will however review the site.  Now it did just go through some updates which I missed, but frankly it hasn’t gotten much better aside from looking a little more pretty.  The banner for the site I do really like.  Easy to read (although not truly informative in any way), simple colors, obvious menu is obvious ^_^ and there is a nice preview slide show at the top of the page which for continuous users can be very beneficial.  However, for a new comer to the site who doesn’t know what they’re getting into, this place is quite a maze.  TONS of scrolling, looking at links as far as the eye can see under titles that are not explained.  And if you saw Nostalgia Critic’s review of Quest for Camelot, you would think the makers of this site would know to EXPLAIN!!!!!!!  So in closing, I’m afraid this site, although quite enjoyable if you know what it is, is a fail for new users.  No explanations for ANYTHING unless you click and watch the video you end up getting.  And with most of these videos running over 5 minutes, most people would not consider it worth all the time.  Yet another shameful waste of a magnificent idea ruined by poor web design. *sigh*

And another disclaimer, the title of the post is the catch phrase of Chester A. Bum, a character of That Guy with the Glasses. (seriously check him out, these videos are amazing)


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