Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{March 10, 2010}   Hurray for online job scams… at least they have nice web designs

So this lovely formatted site of the day is the main page.  Nice to the eye, but BEWARE!!!! These things always have a catch, like paying for your password, having a certain time period contract, and fees for not posting often enough.  Some no-strings-attached, huh?  It’s a shame really, because they’re web design is very visually appealing.  It is a bit long, the scrolling gets boring on the front page, but it’s very easy to find information from the menu list.  The background color is very neutral so it is not sharp to the eye.  The choice of some of the font colors are pretty bad, like the bright blue, and the big white box with read type that just repeats what is in the regular text.

My hope is that no one falls for the half-decent website and actually joins this site.  But that’s me, just I’m mean.


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