Virginia ASSEMBL…age

{February 25, 2010}   Ah the ever-changing world of…

SILLY PUTTY! Ah yes, Silly Putty, the great inedible gum you can play with!  The site for this universally enjoyable substance fits its purpose and clientel so well.  Bright colors and cartoonish links set a fun and exciting mood for the whole site.  The lack of writing on the main page is made up for by small descriptions of the links when your mouse runs over them.

I love the wording used on this sight, such as the title of the main page, “The Home of Higher Silly Putty Learning”.  It makes the viewer very aware that this is a very fun-loving, laid-back company and product.  I almost want to just go out and buy an egg of Silly Putty for myself just to I can feel that happy!


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