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{January 26, 2010}   Matt’s got the life

Matt’s Blog of Awesome

Who would have thought the greatest way to bring people from all around the world together would be to dance poorly in front of a cheap tourist camera?  For quite a few years, Matt Harding, an average guy with what most computer geeks would consider an awesome job, creating video games.  But making games for Matt was not all it’s cracked up to be, and so he took a break… a 6 month break… to 17 countries.  And now he travels the world, being paid by Stride gum, to dance and talk to people about why he does it.

The site is focused on the videos he’s done and is working on, but originally it was just a blog on Matt’s travels.  Just goes to show how a little fun and a simple online journal can turn into a world-wide phenomenon.  The blog still exists, but now discusses issues like offers from TV stations to do not-so-innocent show work and Matt’s responses to such offers, as opposed to what kind of shampoo he decided to use that morning.  Even so, the personality of Matt, it seems through his posts, has not changed.  How refreshing that big things like this don’t have to go to people’s heads.


Madeline says:

I find it fascinating how this kind of “discovery” of an everyday average joe has become a kind of interweb phenomenon. There are a host of examples where someone used the internet to post or broadcast random creativity and then has found larger media attention because of it.

Make sure you’re categorizing your tags with descriptors other than the URL?

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